VetFamily partner with IVA as it enters the Australian market

VetFamily, an organization focused on providing support services to independent veterinary clinics around the world, is delighted to announce its entry into the Australian market through the acquisition of Independent Vets of Australia (IVA). IVA is providing buying and support services to more than 115 member clinics in Australia.

This acquisition brings together two complementary organisations each dedicated to supporting independent veterinary clinics and committed to empowering clinic owners and veterinarians to run better businesses and improving enhanced animal care. For IVA, VetFamily’s international scale and portfolio of solutions is expected to provide additional benefits to the IVA members over time. VetFamily, which has continuously expanded its geographic reach over the last few years, sees IVA as a great fit as it takes the step into the Australian market.

“VetFamily’s focus is to help veterinary clinics improve today but also prepare our members for tomorrow, as the veterinary market is evolving quickly. The focus on working for the independent clinics’ long-term success is something we share with IVA so we are very excited to work with Corey and the team to develop our support to IVA’s members even further in the future,” says Mikael Sjögren, CEO of VetFamily.

“IVA and VetFamily share a common vision and set of values, all in support of helping independent veterinary clinics in their quest for extraordinary success. We see the challenges for independent clinics as similar across countries and continents, and feel confident our members will be stronger as part of a larger community”, says Mark Ethell, Chairman of IVA.

“For now, it will be business as usual, but over time our members will benefit greatly from the global insights, tech solutions and best practices from VetFamily’s large community of clinics” says Corey Vella, General Manager of IVA.

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About Independent Vets of Australia (IVA)

IVA offer a variety of tools and resources to support its member clinics in their quest to continuously develop how their respective businesses are run and its quality of care. This is further enhanced by a wide range of rewards and rebates to increase clinic profitability. Today, IVA gathers more than 115 member clinics in the community and is continuously attracting new members.

About VetFamily

VetFamily is a membership-based service platform for veterinary clinics, with more than 2,600 members. VetFamily was founded in Denmark in 2000 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Currently, it has operations across seven European countries and in China. VetFamily was formed to alleviate and remove cumbersome admin tasks, support clinics in their daily operations, and to capture the significant scale advantages that are achieved by working together. Today, VetFamily supports its members with procurement and other value adding tech-enabled services such as preventive care plans, clinic improvement services, online marketing and education, as well as providing a vibrant community for vet clinics.