Vet Owned for all Vets.

Our goal is to show you the difference in being a business partner with VetShare. Easy ordering with our on-line ordering program VetOrder and interfacing with veterinary practice management systems, fabulous customer service (our team have or do still work in practice and understand your needs), practice management support, a great rewards program - VetPoints, and flexible pricing to ensure you receive the best value from our partnership with your business and naturally we have a very experienced team to deliver what we promise.

Why join VetShare?

  • Ordering Made Easy

    On-line user friendly ordering program that is full of information and allows you to create Templates specifically for your business.

  • Effective Delivery Times

    Have peace of mind with delivery either same day for Metro customers or within 24 hours of ordering, ensuring you always have what you need.

  • It's time for your Reward

    Redeem fantastic rewards including travel, entertainment, gift cards and homewares.

  • Premier support

    We understand how hectic life can be in practice, we are here to support you.

  • Industry knowledge

    Because we are owned by Vets for Vets, you’ll get access to industry leading knowledge and business support.

Why invest in VetShare?

Become a shareholder and gain access to exclusive benefits

Shareholders receive exclusive membership to Independent Vets of Australia. Independent Vets of Australia is a Buying & Management group for VetShare shareholders. Members receive rebates, business support, annual conference tickets. Learn more

Want to know more?

Our team will show you how much
your practice could be saving.